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Need More? Get a platter of fresh baked goods delivered to you

Some platters come with jam, cream cheese and butter

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Morning Goodies Platter

small 24pc - $62
medium 36pc - $84
large 48pc - $108

Morning Goodies Platter
Can be an assortment of: (cookies, bagels, muffins, tea biscuits & pastries

Mmm Muffins Platter

small 24pc - $57
medium 36pc - $80
large 48pc - $104

Assorted extra large muffin halves, up to 3 flavors:


coconut cornmeal, banana, oatmeal apple, spiced carrot, pumpkin spice, strawberry coconut crumble, branberry chocolate chip, blueberry

Pastry Platter

small 24pc - $70
medium 36pc - $104
large 48pc - $137

Can be an assortment of apple fritters, mini butter croissants, danish, cinnamon buns, mini pies


Gourmet Cookie Platter

small 36pc - $84
medium 48pc - $106
large 60pc - $128

Get an assortment of our "melt in your mouth" premium cookies in a platter

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